Our Solutions

OSTI s.n.c. combines the typical characterising traits of small Italian companies - namely flexibility and quality. Acting as a general contractor, it is able to join the forces of many partners and transform itself into a large business reality, guaranteeing effective service to customers and stability to its partners and the company itself.

Innovation is at the heart of the spirit that drives the teamwork in our company on a daily basis: the direct result of this dynamism is that inventiveness and know-how are our true corporate capital. We propose highly customised solutions, with the aim of grasping the customer's needs in the best possible way, using the most up-to-date technologies capable of improving performance and maximising resource savings.

Our realisations cover all phases of the production cycle, such as processing, handling, packaging, palletising and logistics. We offer solutions for adapting obsolete plants to new production standards or product specifications; we also design revamping solutions when new components are added to the production process.

Feasibility studies and research
Preliminary layouts
Design from scratch
Fitting new products into the system
Adjustment to changes in production
Finalised layouts
System construction and installation
Staff training courses
Manufacturing rump-up assistance